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      22.02.2018 | Our ultralight STRAPLESS harness will now be offered in a version with a reserve container under the seat – for tandem pilots. [more]

      Preparing for next season: Glider Check Sale

      20.12.2017 | From January to the end of March are offering a discount of 10% on the list price of a two year check. [more]

      Crossing Borders

      15.12.2017 | 1200 km across the Himalayas [more]

      New colours: Winter Beanies

      07.12.2017 | The sought-after ADVANCE Winter Beanies now have three new colours Sun, Petrol and White. [more]

      New Loftjacket

      06.12.2017 | Snugly warm, easy-care, small when packed and water and wind resistant: the Loftjacket with detachable hood is available now. [more]

      SIGMA 10 Media Star

      23.10.2017 | “The Advance ‘Epic XC’ strapline says it all about this glider”, summarises Skywings magazine in its SIGMA 10 test report. The British Hangglider... [more]

      PI BI - First delivery

      17.10.2017 | All the information about the new light tandem is now online. The PI BI can also now be tested at ADVANCE dealers. [more]

      New campaign

      15.10.2017 | With exciting stories [more]

      IOTA 2: Efficient Performance

      21.09.2017 | The IOTA was the performance benchmark. The IOTA 2 comes out in December. For the same pilot level, but even more efficiency. [more]

      New: PROGRESS 3

      21.09.2017 | The PROGRESS 3 universal reversible harness arrives in December. Now with an Air-Foam Hybrid-Protector. [more]

      SQR Light

      07.09.2017 | 973 g: light, lighter, SQR Light [more]

      OMEGA XALPS 2: First test wings at the dealers

      06.09.2017 | The OMEGA XALPS 2 Light Racer (in three sizes weighing from 3.3 kg) can be tested at ADVANCE dealers now. [more]


      14.08.2017 | Vol Bivouac from Nice to Ljubliana [more]

      Speedarm in a new Colour

      07.08.2017 | Sure to be seen: ADVANCE Speedarms are now available in luminous Orange. [more]

      Climb & Fly Cordillera Blanca

      04.08.2017 | The Huascarán, at 6,768 meters the highest mountain in Peru, was one of their goals, but too much wind plus a team member’s health problems... [more]


      29.07.2017 | In July Thomas Ulrich crossed Switzerland from west to east at its widest extent on a Hike & Fly project. [more]

      New: ADVANCE Tech Jacket

      27.07.2017 | The Tech Jacket was specifically developed for paragliding and has been specially strengthened in places liable to abrasion. [more]

      Interview with Sebastian Huber

      21.07.2017 | The eighth X-Alps has ended. ADVANCE team pilot Sebastian Huber was one of the favourites. This year the 31 year old finished eighth. We asked... [more]

      New PI BI Light Tandem

      21.07.2017 | In autumn ADVANCE will be launching the new PI BI. This lightbuild tandem, size 37, has an all-up weight range of 100 to 180 kg and weighs only... [more]

      German Design Award 2018

      20.07.2017 | The ADVANCE “All Mountain” series has been nominated for the GERMAN DESIGN AWARD 2018 – Excellent Product Design, by the board of the German... [more]

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