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PROGRESS 3 Safety notice

09.04.2018 | Before flying with the PROGRESS 3 ADVANCE recommend that you familiarise yourself with the reserve throwing technique that is described in the manual.


Safety notice: ADVANCE Progress 3 paraglider harnewwss (PH_206.2017)

ADVANCE have been informed by a flying school that a deployment problem occurred during a compatibility test (test release of a reserve parachute).

A thorough evaluation in conjunction with flying schools and the DHV has not revealed a problem if the release technique recommended in the manual (pull to the side) is used.

If the reserve handle is pulled in a forward/upwards direction the force required to release the parachute is significantly raised.

If the reserve parachute is not pulled out of the reserve compartment in the correct direction, directly to the side, it can become wedged in its compartment. This can prevent deployment. The manual expressly recommends a sideways pull.

For safety’s sake ADVANCE would like to emphasise this reserve throwing problem to PROGRESS 3 owners if the direction of pull specified in the manual is not employed. Instinct may well encourage an upwards/forwards pull, in which case the above problem may occur. ADVANCE therefore recommend owners of affected harnesses who have not carried out realistic compatibility tests i.e. effective reserve releases, to speedily remedy this situation (while sitting in the harness, leg straps done up, hanging from a harness stand). This will encourage confidence in the pulling technique recommended in the manual.

Team ADVANCE Thun,
9. April 2018


Download Document: PROGRESS 3 Safety notice