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BIBETA 6: the trusty workhorse

Our workhorse, specially bred for professional tandem pilots, has certainly earned its spurs. Since the introduction last year there are now several hundred BIBETA 6s in professional use, and a few of them have already made far more than 1,000 flights. We now assess our representative maintenance requirements from these. A current test report in the French Parapente + magazine underscores the deluge of positive worldwide pilot feedback.

Markedly raised lifespan

The results of hundreds of BIBETA 6 test line snappings make a clear statement: the residual strength of the trend-setting Edelrid Magix Pro lines at the first check is an average of 20% higher than that of the usual covered lines; as used, for example, in the Bibeta 5. For this reason the BIBETA 6 is clearly capable of many more flights – especially in professional use. To some extent depending on the style of use (of course), a set of these lines can even last as long as the canopy.

More about Magix Pro Lines (Line guide)

In the spiral it’s like the IOTA!

Jean-Gabtiel Thillard
École Air Alpin

“In the spiral it’s like the IOTA!”

In its current practical test Parapente + magazine declared that the BIBETA 6 demonstrated noteworthy pendulum stability and compared the agility, when circling in a thermal and a spiral, with an IOTA! The French were also impressed with the takeoff characteristics. The BIBETA 6 was ranked clearly highest of all tandem models that they had previously tested. When it comes to landing they even wrote that they were not aware of any wing with a more effective landing behaviour.

Here’s the full test report in English.

Review BIBETA 6 (pdf)

An explosion of flying pleasure!

Jean-Gabtiel Thillard
École Air Alpin

High performance for long flights

On cross country flights the tandem wing has also already proven its qualities many times. Last summer Kilian Insam achieved a FAI triangle of 219 km in Italy, and Norbert Varga 197 km free distance in Hungary. Other pilots are repeatedly flying well over 100 km. 

Link to the flight

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