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Erlkings are not exclusive to the motor car industry. Now they’re moving into the paraglider business: only recently two were spotted in the air of the Berner Oberland! But what have the yet-to-be-marketed models actually got to do with Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s story?

Creative Heads

In the early 1950s two motoring journalists from the German “Auto Motor und Sport” magazine got hold of amateur photos of some prototype cars. For weeks the two considered how they might publish the pictures without annoying the manufacturer too much. Finally they got the idea of disguising the pictures with rhymes in the style of Goethe’s famous Erlking poem. Under the title “Erlkönig” a whole series arose. The term Erlkönig quickly spread through Germany to stand for a car that was not yet officially on the market.

Disguise is everything

It began a veritable photo hunt for Erlkings. The manufacturers became ever more creative in camouflaging their cars: foam parts, different foils, bewildering graphic patterns: everything that would confuse the shape of new models or distract attention from them was used, until the car was finally presented as it really was.

Dazzle patterns are widespread in the automotive industry as an Erlking disguise.

ADVANCE-Erlkings to be revealed soon

We will reveal our two Erlkings on Facebook bit by bit with exciting details. Stay tuned... 


  • Was fliegt da so spät durch Luft und Wind ...? ADVANCE-Erlkönige im Berner Oberland gesichtet! Stay tuned ... #perfectcombo #lightweight #productpipeline

    Posted by Advance Paragliders on Monday, 7 May 2018

    ADVANCE XI: a light star is born... ⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Correctly detected!

    Yes indeed, it's the latest LIGHTNESS 3 prototype. The new Lightweight XC Harness will be launched in autumn. p.s. as soon as we get the final prototype, we'll provide more technical information #lightness3 #lightweight #comfort #crosscountry

    Gepostet von Advance Paragliders am Donnerstag, 10. Mai 2018

    Neuer ADVANCE XI enthüllt!