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    • The ADVANCE cushion is  the ultimate attention-getter for your sofa! Various colours – and the cover is made of paraglider material.

    • This is a small ultralight rucksack with plenty of room inside. The Lightbag is made from paraglider material and available in a selection of colours. When it’s folded and stowed in its bag it fits anywhere: in a jacket, trouser pocket, handbag...

    • Stylish, colourful, and just a bit hip - this is the bag with women in mind! They come in a variety of colours, hold a lot and can be folded very small. What more do you need?

    • Miniwindsocks also come in assorted colours. These small accessories make a decorative feature for the office, car, home; or wherever you feel like hanging one.

    • The ADVANCE Windspy is available in a big choice of colours. You can put one on your balcony, your takeoff or landing spot, anywhere . . . they can even tell you which way the wind is blowing.