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ALPHA 6 Test Reports

First media tests and reports of the ALPHA 6 are appearing in time for the flying and training season.

French Parapente  Magazine is enthusiastic about the new ADVANCE beginner wing and, along with other details, had especial praise for the simple pull-up and takeoff handling, the collapse resistance and performance improvement over the previous Alpha. The wing is fun to fly and will suit a wide collection of pilots.

The ALPHA 6 is even easier, more simple to deal with and more enjoyable than the 5. It will delight beginners, but it will also appeal to pilots who understand that the term “school glider” is no longer applicable.“

Cédric Nieddu, Parapente Mag

Carlo Borsattino from Flybubble Paragliding in Great Britain is very impressed. The ALPHA 6 is astonishingly manoeuvrable and nice to fly for such a safe and stable wing. In turbulence it is very damped in pitch. So, in bumpy conditions it will always stabilise itself and stay above the pilot. The author had been in Columbia for cross country flying two weeks before the test. He writes, logically enough, that in the gnarly conditions there he had sometimes wished for as easy-to-fly and forgiving a wing as the ALPHA 6.
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In the air, the Alpha 6 is surprisingly agile and nice to fly for such a safe and solid feeling wing, whilst being reassuringly dampened and forgiving of incorrect or imprecise inputs.

Carlo Borsattino, Flybubble

From the flying schools we are also getting only positive feedback on the successful total package that is the ALPHA 5 successor. This is what Franz Meyer from the Flying School Diemtigtal (Website) wrote: it is seldom that a wing has so immediately delighted him as much as the ALPHA 6: 

Takeoff, handling, collapse behaviour, stability, performance and workmanship are faultless.

Franz Meyer, Flugschule Diemtigtal

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