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IOTA 2 - Feedback worldwide

Photo by Felix Wölk
It’s six months since the new cross country intermediate came on to the market – now under the strapline «Efficient Performance». Numerous documented distance flights and a whole bag of written test reports and Youtube videos are already online. All in all a wealth of information, to give you an idea of the IOTA 2 from independent sources.

Test reports in all the important paragliding magazines

The two test reports from much respected international magazines, Cross Country and Thermik, have just appeared. Tests from the French Parapente Mag and the four-language online publication have been out for a few weeks, as have similar reports from a variety of blogs – all of which put the new cross country intermediate under the world’s spotlights. Here you can find a collection of the most important publications and videos.

The climb rate is exceptional. It was really good in both light and strong lift.

Nancy Elliott, Flybubble

  • Photo by Carlo Borsattino
  • Photo by Carlo Borsattino
  • Photo by Carlo Borsattino
  • Photo by Carlo Borsattino

Reviews in magazines

  • "Respect! The balancing challenge has been achieved: The Iota 2 offers great performance with maximum flying comfort! The Intermediate describes its circles resolutely and cleanly, hardly breaking a sweat. The solid wing distinguishes itself with fantastic handling in gnarly air. Attention-getting pitching, exaggerated rearing up and stopping, uncomfortable roll-cycling? … No, there’s none of this! […]"


  • "The IOTA 2 is a perfect wing for talented intermediate pilots looking to improve on their early XC flights. I found the handling and feedback to be better than most EN-Cs without some oft he unwanted roll instability in straight-line flight what some high-end EN-Bs have. [...]"

  • "The IOTA 2 is plainly better than the original… which was already very good. It is more “sporty”, more “hands up”, better glide. […] I enjoyed myself a lot under this wing, but with an overridingly serene feeling. A true jewel, well deserving its place at the top of the B wings. A wing made for cross country, among other things. [...]"


  • "In a nutshell: This IOTA 2 is a super all-rounder for cross country flying the whole world over. Naturally there are other wings of a similar type, but what makes your final decision for a wing? Very safe and above all the reassurance that you have a wing that reacts well, a wing that you can almost forget, and a wing that gives us maximum performance without approaching the safety limits. The IOTA 2 gives us all of this. [...]"


This glider is oriented to cross country with comfort, but high performance.

Daniel Crespo, Ojovolador

  • Photo by Adi Geisegger
  • Photo by Adi Geisegger
  • Photo by Adi Geisegger
  • Photo by Adi Geisegger

The wing is light to control, gives frank feedback, inclines immediately and has visibly very good output across the whole speed range.

Philippe Lami, Parapente Mag

Best XC flights with the IOTA 2

Very competitive with the high B's, very good climb, easy for a high B.

Ziad Bassil, Facebook

Pilot videos

Lukas Hitthaler

Flugschule openair

Airlinks Center



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