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The first PI 2 reviews are in

It’s been on the market for a couple of weeks and we already have the first PI 2 test reports. As well as Parapente + magazine from France, the test pilots from the UK’s Flybubble paragliding school are impressed with the new ADVANCE light wing’s performance, versatility and safety.

Like the others, Jean-Michel Ara-Somohano of Parapente + was delighted with the unique manufacturing quality and the wide area of suitable uses for the PI 2 – with its enormous speed spectrum.

The PI 2 is simply super easy and precise.

He praised the very good thermaling behaviour and raved about the exceptional handling. He also highlighted the light weight. He wrote: “First contact confirmed the incredibly lightness.” His 23 size PI 2 weighed 2,73 kg with its light risers.

The feeling on glide is immediately one of high speed and reveals rare qualities... unbraked there’s a lot of accelerate potential here.

In his comprehensive report the Parapente + test pilot especially noted the high performance potential and passive safety of the versatile new ADVANCE lightweight. He liked the tremendous fun that the PI 2 delivers. From an assortment of technical features he emphasised the Sliced Diagonals Technology and the Smart Sail System.

It is slightly lighter, slightly larger, and has much better test results. (compared with the PI)

Greg Hamerton from the British Flybubble paragliding school tested the 27 PI 2 in its thermaling mode; he enthused about its circling capability and writes accordingly: The low aspect ratio wing turns on a sixpence (or a 5 Rappen) so that you can turn straight into a thermal centre, and: “Combined with an impressive climbing profile this confirms that your climbs will be excellent.” He also praised the PI 2’s pitch, roll and directional stability.

What really surprised me was the way it performed.

Video test report Flybubble:

Like Jean-Michel from Parapente + Greg was impressed by the PI 2 performance. So was his colleague Phil Clark, who writes that the trim speed is very much the same as other EN-B wings, and that what impressed him was that with the PI 2 in weak conditions he climbed every bit as well as the pilots with standard wings.


Read the Flybubble report here: Link


The very well-balanced PI 2 hits the spot exactly, and combines unequalled manufacture quality, an especially wide variety of uses and speed ranges, straightforward use as an “All Mountain” wing together with both high performance and passive safety. Excellent handling meets very good climbing in thermals: the perfect flying toy...

Jean-Michel Ara-Somohano, Parapente +


The PI 2 is accessible to all pilots, from students to skygods: there are no unpleasant surprises with this wing and it's a pleasure to fly..

Greg Hamerton, Flybubble

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